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Project Management





Supply chain operation is a huge topic.


It touches so many areas of an enterprise no matter what their focus is... Does not matter if it is a manufacturing plant, a 3PL or an ecommerce distribution center.

It also touches lots of concepts: Inventory management, WMS, TMS, Logistics, Ecommerce, Integrations, Omnichannel, Strategies for puting, picking, loading, shipping... and many more

There are so many things to discuss and evaluate so past experiences and reviews can be very useful


Successful organizations or systems needs to have both operational and technical skillset within a project management mindset

It's not easy to find all these at the same time. Also you must find all these at the same time otherwise it's more likely to create bigger problems instead of fixing existing ones.

Or is it really? What are the factors for successful systems?


You can join the discussions


The intention of this site is to share experiences and give  best practice advice. 

It's expected for everyone to join on discussions to help others who tries to find their directions. Maybe this can help you to work together in the future who knows?

Join the community and be active. This will not only help others, but can also lead possible clients to contact with you who needs your expertise

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